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What I Learned from 'The Secret A quick summary of the principal points that 'The Secret' made: If you focus on something with emotion, you will attract that thing to you. This is a law of nature, like gravity, and it always happens. This is called the Law of Attraction. It doesn't matter if that emotion is positive or negative, you will still attract the thing you're concentrating on. If you focus on losing weight, you will attract weight. If you focus on winning sweepstakes, you will win more often. Positive and negative emotions both attract, but positive emotions are stronger. Love and gratitude are the most powerful emotions. Time is an illusion, and the things you want – those great sweepstakes wins, that perfect body, etc. – you already have. So you should act as if you already have the things you desire, and you should be grateful for those things. Big things are as easy to attract as small things. It's as easy to attract a million-dollar prize as a hundred-dollar prize. You should act in a way that is consistent with your desires, or else you can contradict your wishes. What I Didn't Like about 'The Secret' 'The Secret' made a few points that I didn't like. These included: My Conclusions about 'The Secret' When I was reading the book, I found it difficult going in some places. Some of the advice seemed so over the top and unbelievable that I was tempted to give up. But strangely, I've found myself talking and thinking about The Secret quite a lot since I finished the book. I've felt myself noticing more often how the things I think about manifest around me, and I've been less inclined to complain or focus on negative things. While I believe that the reason I see more of the things that I'm focusing on is that I am more apt to notice them (as opposed to attracting them to me with my thoughts), I think that fostering a positive attitude can only be good for me. In general, I'd say that The Secret was worth reading, as long as you take it with a grain of salt. The belief that you can win is vital to being successful with sweepstakes since it keeps you entering even during dry spells. However, don't be afraid to ignore the parts of The Secret that don't make you feel more positive and empowered, or to decide that it doesn't work for you at all. The Secret says that nothing bad will happen to you unless you attract those things to you. I'm all for accepting personal responsibility, but some terrible things happen to people that are out of their control. I don't believe that people attract those things to them. The book states that the Universe is full of abundance, and can give you everything that you wish for. But what happens if two people are wishing for the same thing with equal power? I suppose that instead of wishing that a specific person falls in love with you, you should wish that you find your perfect mate, or instead of wishing you win the HGTV Dream Home you could wish to win a beautiful home. However, some resources are finite, and it bothers me that The Secret doesn't acknowledge that. Sometimes, The Secret seems cruel. For example, it says that focusing on illness attracts illness to you and that you should focus on being healthy and feeling great instead. That's fine, but the book then says that if someone wants to talk about their illness, you should change the subject or walk away. We've all been comforted by discussing hurtful things with a loved one. To not be allowed to discuss or think about negative things at all seems unrealistic and downright mean. The Secret focuses heavily on wishing, and almost completely ignores doing. No matter how hard you focus on winning sweepstakes, you've still got to put in the time of finding and entering the giveaways if you expect to win.
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