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20 Feb - Jobs & Services- Chennai


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Most of the people shift to the land of possibilities for the reason of professional empowerment and hence a promise of lucrative job can be beneficial from both personal and professional point of views. What is a Valid Job Offer? If you are hoping to get a job offer, here are a couple of things you should be aware of. A real job offer is only considered valid if it is for formal employment for a full time position. This means that seasonal or part time work will not be considered a job offer. A job offer must also be for a period of one year or longer to be considered legal. Any job offer given to you must have the following: • Job title of the position; • Duties and responsibilities of the job; • Requirements needed to perform the job; • Duration of your employment; • Amount you are paid in terms of salaries, wages or any other forms of payment are mentioned; and • Name of the company, its address, contact information and the person who is in charge of your job offer Study More:
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